Why Study in Ravensbourne University ?

Why Study in Ravensbourne University?

Ravensbourne University London, once known as Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, is a school that teaches about digital media and design. They have practical courses in things like fashion, TV, product design, architecture, graphic design, animation, and more.

This school started in 1962 by combining three art schools. It moved to different places until it opened a new campus in London in 2010. They named the school after the Ravensbourne River.

Over the years, Ravensbourne faced challenges and changes, like closing a department in 1983 and changing its name. It partnered with different institutions until it became a university in 2018.

The school is known for its modern campus on the Greenwich Peninsula, which opened in 2010. They focus on hands-on learning, like the annual student-run broadcasting event called "Rave on Air" since 1971.

Ravensbourne offers various programs in design, fashion, and broadcasting at different levels, from basic diplomas to advanced degrees. The school has been recognized in national rankings, showing its place in the education world. Overall, Ravensbourne is known for its practical approach to teaching design and media.

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