Why Study in Oxford International Career Colleges Vancouver ?

Why Study in Oxford International Career Colleges Vancouver?

Nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Vancouver, Oxford International Vancouver offers a picturesque setting for English language learning. Surrounded by a bustling cityscape with abundant shops and restaurants, our school provides students with easy access to amenities and attractions. Moreover, Vancouver's stunning natural landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and sandy beaches, provide a captivating backdrop for immersive language study. From the nearby Canada Place, students can enjoy breathtaking views of the waterfront and soak in the city's dynamic atmosphere while enhancing their language skills.

Courses in Oxford International Career Colleges Vancouver

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Required Qualification

No academic requirements found.


Fall Intake (September Start)

  • The fall intake, also known as the autumn intake.
  • It typically begins in September and marks the start of the academic year for most undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • The fall semester usually runs from September to December, followed by a winter semester from January to April, and sometimes a summer semester from May to August.
  • Many programs offer a wide range of courses and activities during the fall semester, and it's the preferred intake for most students, especially those transitioning from high school.

Winter Intake (January Start)

  • The winter intake, also known as the January intake.
  • It typically begins in January and allows students to start their studies midway through the academic year.
  • The winter semester usually runs from January to April, followed by a summer semester from May to August, and sometimes a fall semester from September to December.
  • The winter intake may be suitable for students who missed the fall intake or for those who need extra time to complete application requirements or obtain visas.

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