Why Study in Heriot-Watt University ?

Why Study in Heriot-Watt University?

Heriot-Watt University, known in Scottish Gaelic as Oilthigh Heriot-Watt, stands as a distinguished public research institution situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Its origins trace back to 1821 when it was founded as the School of Arts of Edinburgh, marking the world's inaugural mechanics' institute. Subsequently, it achieved university status through a royal charter in 1966, earning the distinction of being the eighth-oldest higher education establishment in the United Kingdom. The university's nomenclature, Heriot-Watt, is a tribute to Scottish innovator James Watt and philanthropist George Heriot, a notable goldsmith.

For the fiscal year 2021–22, the institution reported an annual income of £243.6 million, with £39.2 million derived from research grants and contracts. Notable for its emphasis on science and engineering, Heriot-Watt is among the 23 colleges elevated to university status during the 1960s, occasionally likened to plate glass universities such as Lancaster and Warwick.

With a global presence, the university boasts three campuses in Scotland and one each in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia.

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