Why Study in Federation University Australia ?

Why Study in Federation University Australia?

Federation University, boasting a rich heritage of 150 years, is renowned for its commitment to student welfare, exceptional teaching standards, and remarkable post-graduation achievements. Operating across five campuses in Victoria, spanning from regional locales like Ballarat and Gippsland to the urban hub of Berwick in Melbourne, the university accommodates a diverse student body of 18,500 individuals, both Australian and international. Its extensive alumni network, comprising over 123,000 graduates worldwide, speaks volumes about its enduring legacy. Notably, Federation University has earned top rankings, including being recognized as the No. 1 choice in Australia for First Generation Students and the leading institution in Victoria for Student Support and Undergraduate Starting Salary, as per the esteemed Good Universities Guide 2024.

Courses in Federation University Australia

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Required Qualification

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Semester 1:

This typically begins in late February or early March and runs through to June or July, depending on the university's academic calendar. Semester 1 is considered the main intake period and is suitable for both domestic and international students.

Semester 2:

This intake usually commences in late July or early August and concludes in November or December. Semester 2 intake provides an additional opportunity for students to commence their studies, especially for those who may have missed the Semester 1 intake or wish to start their studies later in the year.

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