Why Study in Bangor University?


Bangor University, established in 1884 as the University College of North Wales, gained Royal Charter in 1885 and was a founding institution of the University of Wales. Renamed Bangor University in 2007, it faced historical events like World War II contributions and student protests in the 1970s. Financial challenges, controversies, and leadership changes occurred in the 2010s. Despite adversities, it maintains high rankings and research excellence. The campus spans Bangor and Wrexham, with notable buildings like the Main Arts Building and Pontio. The university comprises three colleges and excels in materials science. Plans for a medical school expansion in collaboration with Cardiff University are underway.

Courses in Bangor University

Course Country Description Details
Accounting, Banking And Finance United Kingdom (U.K.)

The Accounting, Banking, and Finance program at Bangor University is renowned for its influential research. With a diverse student population and a global perspective, they offer a distinctive educational experience. Their curriculum is designed to provide you with both subject-specific knowledge and adaptable skills essential for a prosperous career.

Business Data Analytics United Kingdom (U.K.)


The job market increasingly demands graduates proficient in data analytics and 'Big Data' comprehension. Bangor University's Business Data Analytics program equips students with essential skills in data extraction, analysis, and reporting, vital for organizational decision-making. With businesses competing on data utilization, graduates are sought-after in finance, healthcare, commerce, and marketing sectors. Through mastering key techniques, students gain the ability to analyze 'Big Data', extract insights, and make informed decisions, preparing them for managerial roles in data-driven industries.

Psychology United Kingdom (U.K.)


Understanding brain function and promoting mental well-being are paramount in addressing significant questions. Bangor University offers hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies such as ERPs, eye tracking, and TMS in research labs. With its own MRI scanner, the department pioneers research in brain function. Additionally, it leads in therapeutic techniques like mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy.


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