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March 22, 2024, 5:51 p.m.
Changes made by the Australian Government are to affect prospective students applying for Abroad Studies in Australia.

In Australia, the Australian government has come up with changes targeting students. The changes are going to positively affect Nepali students.

What all are the changes? What happened before, and what happened now?

Earlier, if a student wanted to study in Australia, their visa was decided on two grounds. One was GTE (Genuine Temporary Intent) and the other was GS(Genuine Student). The GTE(Genuine Temporary Intent) has now been removed from assessment and has moved forward to find out the student's intent on just one basis: GS (Genuine Student).

But how to find it? There is a definite procedure for how to determine your intention. They will issue questionnaires to students to find out their intentions based on the student’s responses to this questionnaire they will judge the genuineness of a student.

Now, what will be the fate of the SOP?

For the past twenty years, we have been measuring student success based on the SOP. Now that SOP-- the Statement of Purpose-- is being abolished or canceled and in its place, a specific questionnaire will be designed just like a mathematical calculation, and the visa decision will be made based on the responses to that questionnaire. You can also refer to this as an outcome based on an interview. As this is to be implemented, there will be an English requirement. The intention to increase this will also be acted on, and the implementation date is March 20, 2024. From March 23, 2024, any visas will be tied to this, and the result of this implementation is that the SOP will no longer be needed. Visa decisions are based on the questionnaire's answers.

What kind of questionnaires?

Detailed instructions on how to answer will come soon. There are signals and possibilities of many changes this March, we'll keep you posted

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